Hana HegerovaHana Hegerova


1954 Frona
  film ( Directed by J.Krejcik )

1962 Nadeje
  film ( Directed by K.Kachyna )

1963 Kdyby tisic klarinetu
  film-musical ( Written & Directed by J.Rohac and V.Svitacek, Music by Jiri Slitr )

1966 Dobre placena prochazka
  TV opera ( Written & Directed by J.Suchy )

1988 Lovec senzaci
  film ( Written by E.E.Kisch, K.Pixa; Directed by M.Holy )

1990 Posledni motyl
  film ( Written by O.Hofman, K.Kachyna; Directed by K.Kachyna )



Frona - H.Hegerova, M.Martinkova, O.Lackovic Frona - H.Hegerova a O.Lackovic

Frona - H.Hegerova a O.Lackovic

Frona - H.Hegerova a O.Lackovic
Dobre placena prochazka Kdyby tisic klarinetu - H.Hegerova a W.Matuska



Hope (Nadeje, 1963), a shocking and exceptional film at the time, started a so-called "black" series of films which were openly critical of society. Hope is a story of two outcasts who officially did not exist under Socialism -- an alcoholic and a prostitute. Prochazka added a little spark of light into their hearts which society always quenched, and kindled with such care as any, even the smallest, hope deserves. A tramp, Lucin -- a living chronicle of Socialist building sites and plants -- is an unreliable old lag. His counterpart is the half tipsy Magdalena, whose house serves as a refuge for lonely pub deserters. Their love story is as thin as a curl of smoke from a smouldering rag. Lucin humiliates Magdalena because others humiliate him. Will he come back to her? The film does not give an answer. Perhaps only by its promising title. For the leading roles Kachyna chose a great character actor, Rudolf Hrusinsky, and a singer Hana Hegerova -- a very unconventional combination indeed.

... . In 1990 Kachyna could finally complete his Czech-French co-production film The Last Butterfly (Posledni motyl) about Jewish prisoners and in particular about children in the Theresienstadt ghetto. This is an unusually big production for Kachyna. It deals with a painful subject which has been tackled in Czech films at least twice before: in Radok's genial Long Journey (Daleka cesta, 1949 -- which has practically not been screened for 40 years) and Zbynek Brynych's Transport from Paradise (Transport z raje, 1962).

(text taken from web
Karel Kachyna: Four Decades of a Great Czech Director by Boris Jachnin)

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